Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Dabagardens, Visakhapatnam-20, Andhra Pradesh, India
You can Contact us @ / +91 8125664066

How can I get Registered ?

Login to DevangaParinayam Fill in all the details in the form available in home page. After Submitting the form you will receive a password on your registered Mobile and Email within 24 hours. You can login with that credentials.

How to Login to my Account ?

Open DevangaParinayam, enter your registered email id and in the password field enter the password you recieved on SMS. You will be logged in.

I didn't get my Password. How can I get it ?

It will take upto 24 hours to recieve your password. If you didn't recieve after 24 hours you can contact us @ or +918125664066

I forgot my Password. What should I do ?

You can click on "forgot Password" link while login to get a new password. you will need to enter your registered email ID

How to change my password ?

After you logged in click on your username which shows on the top right corner and select Dashboard > Settings > here you can change your password of your choice. Make sure you put your password which you can remember.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact us at or you can call us @ 91 8125664066

What is Profile ID ?

Profile ID is the Unique Identity Number which is assigned to each one of our users.

Is my data safe with you ?

We always respect our User's privacy. with that in mind we secured our Website is with https protocol and SSL Ceriticate which means it is impossible to hack. You can check that in the browser's addressbar. which shows a lock icon and says "Connection is Secure"

What are the differences between Free & Premium Accounts ?

devangaparinayam offers two Membership types. Free & Premium. If you are in FREE Membership, you can view profiles, Send Interests, Send Photo Requests
but you can't view that person's Contact details like Mobile Number and Email ID
If you Upgrade your account to Premium you will have all the benifits of Free Account and also can view Contact details.

How much should I pay to be premium Member ?

It depends on the plan you have chosen. You can choose the plans from Our Packages

How many contacts will I get If I upgrade my account ?

Deferent plans offer deferent amount of contacts. Please choose the plans from Our Packages

I am unable to pay online. What can I do now?

Please contact us @ or on +918125664066. We have an easy method for you. :)
or you can drop us a feedback

What information will be displayed from my profile ?

You can View how your profile will be visible to others by heading into Dashboard > Preview my Profile or you can simply click Here

What are the payment options you provide?

All the major payment Methods are available like Credit / Debit Card, Internet banking, UPI, etc

Some Profiles doesn't have pictures?

You can request photos from them. If they accept your request they will upload photographs.

How can I edit my profile ?

Login to Devanga Parinayam, go to dashboard (click Here) there you have the option to edit all your details. Click on Edit button to make changes

How to upload photos ?

After login to goto dashboard and click on Manager Photos to upload or Delete your photos. You can Also change the profile picture here.

Why my mobile number got deleted from 'about me'?

As per our User guidelines you are not permitted to enter contact details in "about me" section. So if any contact details are found, they will automatically be deleted.

What is Search Profile ?

"Search profile" is the place where you can get profiles that meet your crietiria. you can search profiles by Age, Location, Education, hieght etc. Click Here to go to Search profiles Page.

How to find matches ?

After logging in to Devanga Parinayam Click on Matches to Get the matches for you. Those matches are

How to filter profiles ?

Login to your account, Click on Matches there will be shown all the matches that suit your preferences. If you want to Filter you can do that from the side pannel. Choose the options from the side pannel to filter profiles.

How to express interest ?

While browsing profiles, Every profile has a button called "Send Interest". You can click on that button to send them interest so that they will be notified by sms and email saying you have sent them an interest

How to respond to requests ?

If you got a request you can find that info in "Inbox" in Navigation bar. To respond you can click on the "Accept", "Decline". Go to Dashboard to view all the Photo Requests and Interests you recieved. You can also respond from there

How to know my contacts left ?

You can login to Dashboard and go to Membership to view how many contacts you used and how many contacts left.

How to know my contacts left ?

You can login to Dashboard and go to Membership to view how many contacts you used and how many contacts left.

How to search for a profile ?

After logging in to you can click on Search Profile to search the profile you like.

How can I request a photo ?

Open the profile you like you can find a button called "Photo Request". You can click on that button to send them Photo Request so that they will be notified by sms and email saying you have sent them a Photo Request

How to know who visited my Profile ?

You will be notified through sms and email as soon as someone visited your profile. If you want to see all the profiles who visited your profile, you can goto Dashboard and click on Who Viewed my Profile. In the same way you can find who saved your profile also

How will my profile visible to others?

You can view how your profile will be visible to others by going to Dashboard and click on "Preview Profile" to view your profile.

How to shortlist profiles I like?

Open a profile and click on "Save Profile" to shortlist that profile. You can find all the profiles you shortlisted by going to Dashboard > Profiles I have Saved

If I knew someone's ID how can I search their Profile ?

Click on Search Profile and enter the ID in "Profile ID" text field to find that profile.

Changes I have made to my profile are not visible. why ?

After editing your profile, it will be checked by our team. After the verification only changes will be reflected in your profile. It may take upto 24 hrs. You still be able to Use your account in this time.

My Match's contact number is incorrect. What should I do?

If you find any profile with incorrect Numbers or Inappropriate content please send us Feedback with that profile Id and details

How can I change my Email ID ?

Every profile is linked with your Email Id. So you cannot change your Email ID. If you have any queries you can always contact us.

I have used all my allotted contacts. Can I get more contacts ?

If you have used all your contacts you can buy more contacts from our Upgrade page.

I have found some fake profile where to report ?

You can report or send us feedback . Make sure you provide us Profile ID

How can I contact or call a profile I like ?

You can find the contact deitals of all profile on the profile view page. You need to be an Premium Member to view contact details

what are Partner preferences ?

Partner preferences are the Qualities you are looking for your partner. Matches are determained by these options you have chosen while registering on These options are not visible to users

How to add my Success Story ?

Congratulations on getting married through our website. We are happy to hear that. Please contact us on +918125664066 / to let us know the details.

I got married through your website. How to inform you ?

We are glad we could help to you to start your Married life. Please let us know by contacting us at +918125664066 or

I want to Delete my account. How can I do that ?

Pleaes contact us to delete the account. For security Reasons we desabled the option to delete the profile on your own.

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